PC appears dead

  infra-red 18:39 20 Aug 2003

When I press the power-up button on my PC there is no response. I built it myself (MSI KT3 ultra MB).

I suspect it is the Coolermaster CPU fan that is faulty and has always given me trouble. Tell me, is it possible that if the CPU Fan is broken then the PC will not power-up at all?

  The Sack 18:47 20 Aug 2003

a broken fan woulnt stop the PC from booting, it might fry the processor but you would see something. Is there any sign of life at all?

  Bodi 18:56 20 Aug 2003

and check whether the heatsink fan is working. If it is not, don't run your computer, go out and get another decent fan or heatsink and fan. As The Sack writes - CPU could have overheated and fried.

Check on all power and cable connections.

See if anything is working and then come back with more details.

Might help.


  goonerbill 19:02 20 Aug 2003

have ya checked all connections to ya mobo from the case and psu. a cpu fan wont stop ya pc from booting unless ya cpu has get fried.

sounds as if ya psu has gone. see if ya can try a friends psu in ya pc. if it boots ya know the problem, if it dont ya got a more serious problem.

  wee eddie 19:04 20 Aug 2003

If absolutely nothing happens, as you say, then you must go back to basics. Before worrying About fans etc.

Power Supply, Plug & Fuse, PC's Fuse, Connections to Mains Cable, Connections to the On/Off Switch. I know that this sounds boring, but if your posting is to read as you have written then these are the most likely culprits.

If something does happen when you switch on. Then describe it.

  infra-red 19:35 20 Aug 2003

Thanks for your help. I've checked everything.

This used to happen periodically - the PC would refuse to start. I would then unplug the CPU fan, plug it in again then it would usually start properly. That's why I wondered if it was the Fan.

This is proving very difficult to diagnose.

  Bodi 20:05 20 Aug 2003

could be causing a short, but it is highly unlikely.

1) Is the power supply to the motherboard firmly connected? - Pushed well down.

2) Is the PSU powerful enough to cope? What wattage is it?

3) Are all the power connectors to hard drive, CD-ROM, floppy etc making a good connection?

4) Try starting you computer with just graphics card and keyboard - & of course one stick of memory.

5) Are any of the case buttons, reset and on/off button sticking?

6 Do you still have problems with a new CPU fan or heatsink/fan? - or even, as suggested, a new CPU?

It is a tedious job finding a problem sometimes, but you will get there in the end.


  infra-red 20:58 20 Aug 2003

I'll look into it further - then report back ;)

  wee eddie 21:09 20 Aug 2003

The plugging and unplugging of the fan, may be coincidental, as in doing so you disturb whatever connection is loose.

As you still mention that absolutely nothing happens when you press the On/Off switch. Follow the line of the current, as it were, checking every connection as you go.

  infra-red 21:37 20 Aug 2003

@ Bodi

When you say "Try starting you computer with just graphics card and keyboard - & of course one stick of memory" do you mean disconnecting CPU and drives from the MB?

  Bodi 21:52 20 Aug 2003

No sorry! Should have made myself clearer. If the fan is working OK, try just connecting the graphics card, keyboard and memory, and starting from there. Obviously you will need the CPU, but do make sure the fan is working OK, or you could fry it.


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