PC Advisor Website problems?

  mdshamilton 12:30 21 Oct 2003

Just now, when I click a heading, a get a grey screen with the PC Advisor links at the top...but no discussion thread etc. Anyone else with this problem?

12:31 21 Oct 03

  pj123 12:36 21 Oct 2003

Yep, looks like it's changed again, for all of us who are using 14" monitors with 800x600 resolution.

Every time I log on at the moment something has changed.

I just wish they'd go back to the original version.

Site is very very slow at the moment. Think I'll leave it for today and try again tomorrow. Wonder what it will look like then?

  Djohn 12:44 21 Oct 2003

Check the new panel on the left. new controls and an icon for the FE. ;o)

  mdshamilton 12:52 21 Oct 2003

The site is deathly slow - I'm connected to the net from the office, a T1 line. I get a grey screen for several minutes, the left side of explorer says done - yet the screen is just grey with no details. Performance is appalling.

  Abbiepuss 15:07 21 Oct 2003

Its took me from 8 this moning to 3-15 to get into the helproom even though l am a member, first time this has happened.
I re- registerd but then it woke up and said we have a member with this email and let me in.
Don't know if its happening to others but its a pain.

  Djohn 15:12 21 Oct 2003

Not sure why this happens, but it does on occasions and other forum members have mentioned the same thing, different days, different times/areas. But from my end the forum is flying along at warp speed at the moment. j.

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