PC Advisor webpage freezes intermittently but frquently

  compumac 10:57 04 Nov 2014

Does anyone else have this frequent problem with the PC Advisor site:- I access the site ok but then the webpage freezes along with any other tabs that are open. If I then am able to close PC Advisor page down, all of the other open tabs operate ok. This is displayed on three different PC's.

  compumac 11:20 04 Nov 2014

Jock1e Yes all IE. But even so why does it happen? I keep jumping from one PC to another to see if they are still all the same. At this moment in time it is only one PC reflecting the problem.

  rdave13 12:17 04 Nov 2014

The trending tech video does it for me. Flash player slow to load. Worse on Firefox as it complains that shockwave flash player plug-in is having a bad day, pressing continue and it loads the ad eventually. Hence disabled flash on this site when using firefox.

  wee eddie 12:18 04 Nov 2014

This site carries a very heavy Advertising load, which frequently causes problems.

Although, I believe that FE does his job for the love of it, the other Staff have to be remunerated somehow!

  compumac 12:22 04 Nov 2014


There is just one wirelessly connected. Broadband speed 37.62 BT Infinity.

  compumac 12:24 04 Nov 2014

I have recently upgraded my one PC and it is so... much faster than the others but even then PC Advisor is the slowest of any website that I visit.

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