PC Advisor Survey

  Elderslie 14:38 23 Mar 2009

How do I stop this blessed survey popping up? I have filled it in twice so far! And it is getting a bit annoying!

  oldbeefer2 14:41 23 Mar 2009

What survey is that? Nothing coming up on my confuser?

  Pineman100 14:42 23 Mar 2009

Me neither. Perhaps they think I wouldn't understand the big words.

  Proclaimer 14:52 23 Mar 2009

Q6 asks
6. In the next 6 months do you intend to purchase any of the following?


Mobile phone

Plasma or LCD TV

Games console

Surround sound system

Sports equipment

Apple products


MP3 player

Holiday outside the UK

New desktop computer

New laptop computer

Digital video camera

I don't intend to buy any of those so without the option to say none of the above I can't proceed without lying

  crosstrainer 15:09 23 Mar 2009

Pop Up blocker....Works for me.

  Elderslie 15:15 23 Mar 2009

Please ,please, could someone from the PC advisor editorial have a look at this? Yes, Proclaimer, I first left Q6 blank but the perishing thing kept coming back to say "You haven't filled in question 6" so I ticked one at random and hoped that would be the last of that, but not a bit of it! I have to say this is the first time I have had to shout at the screen when logged on to PCAdvisor, but really!

  Newuser939 15:17 23 Mar 2009

I had the same experience as Proclaimer which makes you wonder what the point of the survey is when it excludes what is likely to be a large number of people.

  Elderslie 15:38 23 Mar 2009

If Mozilla Firefox has a 'pop-up blocker' I can't find it, it seems to only have a 'pop-up allower' with blocker as default. It seems that at some time PC Advisor has been 'allowed' and I can't 'Unallow' it. If anyone out there can show me how to 'Block' I'd be very grateful!

  MAJ 16:29 23 Mar 2009

Don't like surveys that ask your income, MYOB.

  Forum Editor 17:53 23 Mar 2009

because I haven't a clue about this - I'm not aware that we're running a survey. If we were I would almost certainly know, so I'm assuming that it's an advertiser thing.

If you, or anyone else, can provide me with a little more information I'll happily look into it for you.

  woodchip 18:38 23 Mar 2009

May be a spy, gathering info

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