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  Black-Artist 18:04 04 Nov 2003

I have just visited the PCA Site to view the forums, I managed to stop ZoneAlarm somehow (by mistake), what is with the awful popup for the AMD64 Athlon, its dreadful the way it hijacks your browser. Granted the browser buttons are still there & the address bar, but it got rid of my Google search bar etc etc.

Just thought I would post my opinion.



  Jack D 18:13 04 Nov 2003

You will not be flavour of the month! click here

  Gaz 25 18:20 04 Nov 2003

We know.

And it shocked me to see a advert like that.

Anyway, not to bother!!!! Blocked in my advert blocker.

There has been quite a few posts on it too.

  Legolas 18:23 04 Nov 2003

I have the new google search toolbar installed and it includes an add blocker so I have never seen any pop up adds on this site since I installed it, so I am glad to say I dont know what add you mean :-)

  Legolas 18:26 04 Nov 2003

ad not add doh

  Black-Artist 18:26 04 Nov 2003

whoops sorry totally missed that this had previously been discussed, apologies again.

  vienna1981 18:51 04 Nov 2003

Thanks! I didn't know that the toolbar contained an ad-blocker! I've just installed it and its blocked 2 ads on this site already, i don't mind ads on the page itself but pop-ups really bug me!

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