PC Advisor Offer

  dogbreath1 19:15 28 Feb 2005

I've just received a telephone call from PC Advisor pushing a promotion. Three magazines for £1 followed by quarterly subsciption by DD at £9.99p. The number given was 01458 271272 x 6312 (Rhiannon!!!). Has anyone else experienced this... is it genuine? I am reluctant to give a/c no. and sort code over the phone when the initial contact was made by the seller.

  mammak 19:25 28 Feb 2005

Hi dogbreath1 i would be as reluctant as you about giving your personal detials over the phone,
Why dont you mail FE and ask his advice on what action to take. Regards Mammak

  VoG II 19:28 28 Feb 2005
  dogbreath1 19:58 28 Feb 2005

Thanks mammak and VoG™. Having read all of the replies, I'm still not convinced of the legitamacy of the offer so I've emailed the FE. If I had made first approach, then fine. But when someone calls with the opening 'we note that you are a subscriber to PC Advisor Forum...', it's more of a worry.

  dogbreath1 19:59 28 Feb 2005

P.S. Can anyone lend me a quid!

  dogbreath1 23:16 28 Feb 2005

The FE believes the offer to be genuine and has emailed the department concerned to make them aware of our concerns. So, if you've not had the offer yet, you might like to pre-empt Rhiannon's call by ringing the above number to kindly accept her super offer!

  Gandalph 23:32 28 Feb 2005

I had the same offer from a kid called Sean this afternoon.

  dogbreath1 18:31 16 Mar 2005

They've got it right this time. I've now been emailed complete with PC Advisor logo etc. Have ordered. Not bad, three issues for £1 (total) then quarterly dd of £9.99 per three issues.

  herc182 18:45 16 Mar 2005

i already have a subscription. can i still get this offer? i.e. if i apply for this, will it override my old subscription?


  rawprawn 19:02 16 Mar 2005

I have had the offer this evening, but I still have 2 deliveries outstanding on my last subscription, so do these accumulate or am I paying £1 for one issue ?

  woodchip 19:17 16 Mar 2005

Yes took it up also got PC Pro

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