PC Advisor not refreshing

  Willow12 16:24 17 May 2003

Whenever I post a response using this forum the internet page refuses to refresh and I am left with a blank screen with the usual 'Done' at the bottom. I then have to go back through my favorites to regain access to this site.

I know this is a minor problem but is still a bit irritating. Is there anything to be done about it?

I use Win XP Home and have a dial up modem with Freeserve.

  vinnyo123 16:37 17 May 2003

try tools>Internetoptions>General tab>delete cookies>delete files "offline content to">history>close IE and try again .......might do the trick

  Willow12 16:49 17 May 2003

This will be the test to see if that worked!

  Willow12 16:50 17 May 2003

No, still not working. :(

  VoG™ 16:53 17 May 2003

Tools/Internet Options, General tab, Settings button.

Check for newer versions of stored pages - tick "Every visit to the page".

  Willow12 16:56 17 May 2003

Trying that now VoG

  Willow12 16:57 17 May 2003

Still no go

  vinnyo123 19:10 17 May 2003

is it happening only on this sight ???

  Willow12 19:39 17 May 2003


  graham√ 20:07 17 May 2003

Whist the experts are solving your problem, why not make space on the toolbar by deleting unused items, (right-click), then click and drag PCA there. Save you going to 'Favourites' every time.

  Willow12 20:29 17 May 2003

Thanks Graham may have to do that. Hope 'the experts' come up with a solution though! Weird how it is only this site!

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