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  pj123 10:22 07 Feb 2003

Hi All

I just got my PCA through the door. I notice it says Spring 2003 and not a month??? Does that mean we only get 4 a year now then?


  Gongoozler 10:29 07 Feb 2003

No pj123, they wouldn't do that to us. It just means that next month is Summer.

  pj123 10:38 07 Feb 2003

The last issue I got 90 was March so this issue 91 should be April. By that standard May would be summer, June Autumn and July Winter. What happens after that?

  Andsome 11:38 07 Feb 2003

It looks to me as though the intention is to eventually stop issuing the mag about three months before the cover date.

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:45 07 Feb 2003

This has been explained in another string (to bring the month of issue back into line).

How come your copy has only just arrived - had mine about a week ago.

  MAJ 11:55 07 Feb 2003

I dunno. Things seem to be getting worse with the mag, rather than better. The new Top Ten lists are awful and there seems to be a lot of repetition throughout the mag., it's like deja-vu city everytime I read it.

  Djohn 11:56 07 Feb 2003

Morning pj, this was in consumerwatch sometime back from head office :o)

PCA ed Tue, 14.01.03 | 17:42 By popular demand The next issue (91) will be called 'spring' and will be on sale 6 Feb. The one after (92) will be called April and on sale 6 March, bringing PCA *almost* back into line with real time.

  pj123 12:02 07 Feb 2003

I don't subscribe directly to PCA. I support my local shops and get it delivered with my newspapers. I still count that as being a subcriber.

  Publisher, PC Advisor 12:04 07 Feb 2003

PC Advisor is now published 13 times a year (every 4 weeks). Once a year we run out of a month for a cover date - hence Spring for the latest issue.

Regarding the new position of the Top 10's Maj - I realise this may not be to everyone's liking, but we have researched the change in some depth and the overwhelming reader responses are extremely supportive.

Why did we do this? We have made the tables easier to find and have freed up more editorial pages to do new things with (Broadband Advisor, XP Advisor, new product reviews etc).

However, we remain the only PC mag to regularly update these buying charts and the Top 10's remain a unique part of the PC Advisor mix.

I'm surprised you find it more repitive now because we are dedicating more pages to more in-depth/newer reviews and features than we used to.

Stick with it please!


David A. Fernando
PC Advisor

  pj123 12:05 07 Feb 2003

Hi John. Even more confusing, looks like I have to read all the "small print".

While you are on can you help me with my new thread, re mouse icons???

thanks Pete

  Djohn 12:08 07 Feb 2003

Must admit, I find the new layout better, and find the *top ten* easy for making comparisons. J.

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