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  kingkenny 13:57 08 Dec 2003

I really enjoy reading the PCA magazine and never miss an issue.

However, can i ask the FE why the magazine doesn't review Motherboards in a Top 5 chart when they are a central component to your PC?
The market for motherboards moves almost as fast as the market for Graphics Cards. Can you shed any light?

I have noticed that Graphic card reviews pop in and out the magazine also, missing in last months issue.

  Taran 14:20 08 Dec 2003

I'd imagine that you may have answered the question yourself, at least partially.

The market moves at a ferocious rate, but unlike expansion cards and add-on components, a motherboard will rarely be ungraded while comparatively, many people will alter their g/card, s/card, RAM, hard drive(s) and so on.

I know I often change/improve/upgrade individual components but rarely change a mainboard unless it dies or proves unworkable for some reason.


  Bagsey 14:25 08 Dec 2003

May I ask if it would be possible to go to a more clear type colour for the readers writes section. It was fine until someone changed it to make it look better unfortunately us of poorer sight find it difficult to read. Well I do anyway.

  kingkenny 14:28 08 Dec 2003

Thats a good point Taran,

My question arose from the fact that i noticed this forum is always dotted with new build people and people building another PC. I think for those, it would be good to have a review on the core component of a PC.

  kingkenny 18:08 08 Dec 2003


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