pc advisor login and profile update

  pcadvisorplus 15:08 31 Jul 2013

Trying to get to change the email for the profile is dopey. The links in the newsletters, including unsubscribe, send you to the login page. I give the new email into the updating profile form plus other usual details, but after pressing the completed button I am told that my user name is already taken. Of course it is, by me. The result is that there are now two different profiles for me, one with the email that is inaccessible/no longer exists but doesn't bounce back, the other with a different user name for the new email. I would have thought that the code for unsubscribe or updating email addresses would be standard by now for those that design these things.

  Nontek 15:11 31 Jul 2013

Have you tried clicking on your My Profile, near the top of this page?

  wiz-king 15:48 31 Jul 2013

mine updated with a new email a little while ago with no probs.

  pcadvisorplus 17:41 31 Jul 2013

Thank you for your suggestions. I have now (1) tried logging on with old email. Goes nowhere. That's fine by me. (2) I have logged in with new email. If I go into Change My Profile and put in the original user name, then 'My Posts' lists them all under the original user name. But if I go into Change My Profile and put in the new user name. The 'My Posts' list the same posts. At least I get somewhere, even twice. At the moment I am writing under the original user name.

  pcadvisorplus 17:52 31 Jul 2013

It would be interesting to see what user you see. The default is 'pcadvisorplus' (without my making any changes via the profile page). The new one was 'pcadvisorplus+'. If I change the user in the profiles page from one to the other, the user name also changes as I see it in the 'My Posts' page. The default is the former (without the '+' sign). Obviously the posts I made before today would have been the default. But in the My Posts page they have the new user's name attached to them if I switch to that user.

  Nontek 18:48 31 Jul 2013

It would be interesting to see what user you see

We see exactly the same as yourself within the thread - i.e. pcadvisorplus

  lotvic 19:43 31 Jul 2013

pcadvisorplus What I see in your profile is that you used to be called 'advisorplus' and you joined in Dec 2008. You have a total of 4 reply posts in two threads (one of which is this thread). (6 posts total if you count the 2 Threads you started - one of which has no reply posts)

All of the posts and Threads have been made in July 2013.

That's what I see.

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