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  tallboy 19:48 20 Dec 2016

Are IDG trying to close down their email newsletter? I get PC Advisor newsletters at my 'old' email address, but nowhere on the PC Advisor website can I find a link to subscribe anew before I 'kill' my old email address. (Which was on of the 1000's hacked when the LinkedIn servers were hacked.)

If someone please knows the URL of the email newsletter subscribe page, please let me know! Thanks.

  Govan1x 20:35 20 Dec 2016

Not sure what you mean but at the bottom left of this box it says Get updates Via Email and I suppose you have to tick the box.

Get Updates via Email

  iscanut 20:44 20 Dec 2016

Get updates via email refers to forum postings, not the newsletter being referred to.

  Aitchbee 20:53 20 Dec 2016

Go to Site Map and you will see Newsletter Preferences.

click here

  lotvic 21:07 20 Dec 2016

HB, I tried that, as well as from the 'burger' (3 lines to left of PC ADVISOR logo top left) 'Account' link to Profile, sadly neither work.

It would seem impossible for me to get to the profile page as when having put password in again and clicked on 'Submit' I just get returned to a PCA page and not my profile.

Try it and see if you are successful.

  tallboy 21:14 20 Dec 2016

Thanks for the replies guys. I've already updated my web profile to my new email address, but the newsletters still come to my old email address. I guess there could be a delay with emails being in the 'pipeline' for a few days. I'll have to wait and see if they come to the new address I have as my PC Advisor website login

  Aitchbee 21:18 20 Dec 2016

lotvic, I just get a long 'please wait' when I try 'Account' link to profile.

The click here link to Newsletter Preferences I suggested above at 20:53 seems to be working for me, although I did not wish to change anything as I am not interested in receiving the Newsletter [sorry FE ;o]]

  Aitchbee 21:23 20 Dec 2016

OK tallboy, good luck.

  Forum Editor 22:43 20 Dec 2016

I'm trying to get this sorted out for you - please watch this thread.

  Jim Martin 11:05 21 Dec 2016

Hi all, sorry for the confusion here. The visibility of the newsletter sign-up has been discussed a few times, but this particular issue has highlighted a problem with our site navigation (when you are logged into the Forum) and we are looking into fixing this asap.

Currently, there is no way to change your newsletter email address. The solution, which is a workaround, is to sign up again, and unsubscribe from the old email address.

  1. Open one of the newsletters which is going to the old email address, and at the bottom click on the unsubscribe link, then choose "Unsubscribe from All".

  2. In a new browser (or using incognito mode), click on the hamburger (top left) and click Newsletter. This is not visible if you are logged in to the forum, but using this method you should be able to register with your new email address.

  tallboy 00:03 22 Dec 2016

You wouldn't think something so simple could be so difficult - especially for at IT magazine! I've managed to update my profile to my new email address, so I now need to see which email address the next PC Advisor newsletter comes to.

I tried the 'newsletter' link (under the hamburger) and you can enter your preference, but as lotvic found out, the entry form never gets sent back to PC Magazine.

May be I'll try signing up for the Gardener's World newsletter and see if that works!

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