PC Advisor DVD - Office 2007 Beta

  Mort105 00:36 17 Jun 2006

I am trying to install the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 from the DVD with Augusts magazine - but it doesnt seem to be on there - is anyone else having this problem??

Is there a solution to get the software from the DVD?

Thanks for any help with this.


  Eric10 12:00 17 Jun 2006

I only have the CD version but on that the path is Drive:\Microsoft\X11-85679-EN.exe.

  bremner 12:19 17 Jun 2006

I to had a problem with the CD Version that the program install will not launch from the hypelink.

As Eric10 says if you explore the disk you will find the file he mentions in the Microsoft folder

  Joe R 12:25 17 Jun 2006


If you follow the dvd to full software, and click on the third office down the list, the install button should be on the lower right hand screen.

  wky 12:33 17 Jun 2006

just a note, I find office 2007 sucks. just my opinion, if you have a hp laptop with hp software, you cannot save new word documents...hp software blocks it somehow, but you can save if you load a previous word doc first. All very confusing, I'll stick to my office 2003.

  bremner 12:52 17 Jun 2006

It does not suck!!

The whoe point of a beta product is for issues like this to be found, reported to the manufacturer (in this case MS) and for them to recify the problem.

  Haysi 13:32 17 Jun 2006

I had problems installing it but finally got there but then started getting various error messages when I run word etc., with a recommendation to run the installer again but the installer always stops saying it cannot find 'setup.xml' and it gives a path to it in my temp folder, I have checked and the file is there but it refuses to recognise it.
Any ideas how to fix this would be welcome.

  jarani 14:10 17 Jun 2006

be carefull - if you download msoffice07b2 you are likely to have problems with your existing software and no help from ms - i would not touch it unless you are prepared for it - jarani

  Mort105 14:42 17 Jun 2006

Thanks - I have installed it now and will try it out to see if its as good as XP. Never had office 2003 and dont have XP anymore so I'm just hoping to use Office 2007 until the licence expires in Feb 07.

Thanks again.


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