PC Advisor cover disc program problem

  Sibbo 00:59 25 Nov 2003

I installed DVD Magic onto my PC which came free with the magazine. Now I've decided that I don't want the program and I cannot uninstall it. I've looked in control panel/add remove programs and I cannot see it anywhere. Has anybody else had this problem? How do I uninstall the program? TIA

  Djohn 01:02 25 Nov 2003

If you go to start/all programs/DVD Magic, does it not have it's own un-installer?

  Djohn 01:13 25 Nov 2003

mailto:[email protected] if no one comes up with the answer, these are the people to e-mail for advice. I've just done a search on DVD magic in the forum and it appears that many had the same problem as yourself. j.

  Sibbo 01:18 25 Nov 2003

No it does not.

  Djohn 01:26 25 Nov 2003

If you type the word

DVD Magic

Into the search box at the top of the index page, put the same word into both boxes. In the middle box change it to "OR" and click on "Search all subjects" it will bring up quite a few threads for you to look at, you may find the answer in one of them. Regards. j.

  Sibbo 01:35 25 Nov 2003

I've done that DJohn but cannot find anything about uninstallation problems.

  Djohn 01:49 25 Nov 2003

OK Sibbo, it's a bit late now and not many people in the forum. If you make a fresh post to this thread in the morning, it will come back to the top of the page again. Others will then see it and I'm sure that someone will have the answer for you.

I will check this thread at about 10:00 am and if you have not been able for any reason to bring it back to the top, I will do it for you.

Regards. j.

  Sibbo 01:54 25 Nov 2003

Thanks DJohn

  tronic592001 07:18 25 Nov 2003

If It was me ide use codestuff starter to check whats in your startup, and delete it from there.

next ide run regedit and do the search from there.

Also just after booting up right click my computer,propreties,performance,system resourses.

This will then show what % you got on bootup, if its like mine 91% then check this after a reboot or cold boot, so you got a good idea then to what it sood be on evey boot. if it goes down a lot after a reboot/cold boot then some program is in your startup that sood not be there. unless you just installed a new program...

  Djohn 10:13 25 Nov 2003

Can anyone help Sibbo with the removal of DVD Magic from his PC. Thank you. j.

  Sibbo 08:34 26 Nov 2003

PC Advisor please help.

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