PC Advisor and Avenue A, Inc.

  swapper 22:32 02 Oct 2003

Every time I log into PC Advisor, Spybot tells be that it has blocked "Avenue A,Inc."
It does not happen with any other site.
I asked a question about this a little while ago in the helproomm and got a couple of responses.
However, when I do a search within Helproom for "Avenue A, Inc." it finds nothing.

Why am I only getting it with PC Advisor?
Any advice please?

  swapper 06:46 03 Oct 2003

Oh! It's the first time I have come accross something like this, I just thought it was some type of spam.
Thanks Jester.

  swapper 13:02 03 Oct 2003

Thanks for that -pops-, would I use this instead of PestPatrol and Spybot, or in addition to?
Once again, thanks

  swapper 14:08 03 Oct 2003

Thanks keenan [email protected] do that.

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