PC Advisor and Avenue A, Inc.

  swapper 22:32 02 Oct 2003

Every time I log into PC Advisor, Spybot tells be that it has blocked "Avenue A,Inc."
It does not happen with any other site.
I asked a question about this a little while ago in the helproomm and got a couple of responses.
However, when I do a search within Helproom for "Avenue A, Inc." it finds nothing.

Why am I only getting it with PC Advisor?
Any advice please?

  Jester2K II 22:54 02 Oct 2003

It has been reported on a few other sites. PCA has to make money too. Suppress the alerts and get on with surfing.

  swapper 06:46 03 Oct 2003

Oh! It's the first time I have come accross something like this, I just thought it was some type of spam.
Thanks Jester.

  -pops- 07:08 03 Oct 2003

Avenue A is one of the hundreds of items caught by Spywareblaster click here you won't have to be troubled by Spybot finding it if you use this.

N.B It is not only PCA that has Avenue A attached to it. Read about them and their "services" to advertising and marketing click here

  swapper 13:02 03 Oct 2003

Thanks for that -pops-, would I use this instead of PestPatrol and Spybot, or in addition to?
Once again, thanks

  keenan 13:18 03 Oct 2003

Use Spyblaster,spybot and ad aware click here
That should give you all you need.

  swapper 14:08 03 Oct 2003

Thanks keenan [email protected] do that.

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