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  Scouse 14:37 26 Mar 2003

With reference to my recent thread "Kazaa..A Warning. I learn't my lesson".

PCA, I appreciate the response regarding the pathetic comments from Pc-Cillin. Although his comments are as low as you can get, the whole idea of me posting the thread was to offer other users the ability to understand the potential pitfalls of the Kazaa P2P file sharing program.

Would it be at all possible to unlock the thread and just put the blocks on Pc-Cillin?


  watchful 14:46 26 Mar 2003

It was an important thread.

  simonp1 15:03 26 Mar 2003

Scouse, why not start the tread again in consumer watch, it is an important subject.

  Djohn 15:08 26 Mar 2003

You had my support and sympathy in your first thread, and I pointed out that you were in no way responsible for receiving the download you mentioned.

You still do, and I agree it is an important thread, if only to make other people aware of what can happen when they are still new to the internet and do not yet realise the pitfalls that are out there.

You could have kept quiet about what happened to you, but instead, showed courage in bringing this problem to the attention of many people, people who will now take a little more care in the sites they visit.

As for the comment from Pc-Cillin, (I've only just now read it), I'm really sorry that you have had to receive a reply of this nature, you do not deserve it. So try to forget all about it, I feel sure you have the support and understanding of the vast majority of forum users. Best regards to you. J.

  hoverman 15:39 26 Mar 2003

I am in full agreement with Djohn's remarks and you certainly have my support.

  Scouse 15:46 26 Mar 2003

The overwhelming majority of users on the PCA forums are respectable and decent people.

Your time, efforts and commitment are both welcome and beneficial to many users, myself included.

There is more often than not a bad Apple in every Barrel and that has been proven on my recent thread.

To those few "Bad Apples", your comments and posts are unwanted within this forum.

To those users who make this site what it is, ten you have both my Thanks and my Respect.

You know who you are.


  Andsome 15:48 26 Mar 2003

It certainly was a very good thread. I believe that it was me who caused the thread to be locked. I just could not allow the uncalled for comments by Pc-Cillin to go unchecked, so I e-mailed the moderator. I hoped that the offending posting would be deleted and the offender be banned. Unfortunately the thread was locked instead. Maybe you could e-mail the moderator yourself with a request that the offensive posting be deleted, and the thread reopened. Once again I am sorry if my good intentions did not quite have the desired result. You could of course always make a click here to your locked thread from your new one.

  Scouse 15:54 26 Mar 2003

No need to apologise, I would have done the same thing.

As far as the thread is concerned, click here if you are unaware of the content.


  Goldcroft 15:56 26 Mar 2003

It does seem a bit drastic to lock a valuable thread just because of one idiot's remarks. Surely as Andsome says the offender could be banned and his posting deleted. It provides a way for anyone to stop a thread by posting an offensive remark.

  bigray 15:58 26 Mar 2003

Had to comment, an interesting thread, no need for personal insults,

  €dstow 16:08 26 Mar 2003

I thought about emailing FE but didn't. My feelings about the comment were made plain in my post.

I understand there is a lot of banter late evenings at weekends from the influence of "substances" but I also understand it is not downright rude and insulting like you have experienced. I miss most of the weekend efforts as I'm only here weekdays and by the time I log in on Monday, most of it has been deleted.

I urge anyone who has a mind to post to threads or even start them whilst "under the influence" to think very carefully. That pearl of wisdom may actually be a chewed tic tac mint or sharp quip be as blunt as a candle wax razor blade in the cold light of day - especially with a hangover.

Of course, these words are totally in vain as a budding Shakespeare with ten pints under his belt is going to take notice of no-one, not least any vestige of sensibility he may still retain.


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