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  ponytail 09:12 28 May 2011

With ref to my post this morning entitled Excel wiz-king asked the question what version of excel I am using.I then replied but my reply has appeared as a new post tried again but same result so now as you can see I have three posts titled excel but the last two are in fact ny reply to wiz-king.How do I get my replies to appear on the original post and not as another post.I am by the way using Microsoft Office Excel 2007

  chub_tor 09:39 28 May 2011

Ponytail it is only in My Posts that your replies are listed as separate topics. It is an as yet unrectified fault in the new format. If you look in the Helproom forum you can see just a single thread.

  spuds 09:50 28 May 2011


There are a number of faults with the new website, and your question is one that is a known fault. The website is still undergoing 'tweaking', so you will need to accept it for the time being.

  ponytail 08:31 05 Jun 2011

Thanks for your help and yes the new web site does seem strange but just have to get used to it.

  Nontek 11:01 05 Jun 2011

When adding to or replying to a respondent, to keep all entries in the one Thread, you need to leave the thread entirely and then return to it in order to continue your postings.

  lotvic 11:11 05 Jun 2011

Nontek, even I can't make sense of that.

I use the 'Reply to this topic' box and then click on Post button...... ;)

  lotvic 11:14 05 Jun 2011

Look I just did it again without leaving the thread...

  Nontek 12:58 05 Jun 2011

lotvic Great, so it appears to have been fixed, I am sure one had to leave the thread and return to add a post - or maybe I was dreaming :-))

  woodchip 14:05 05 Jun 2011

lotvic now go to My Posts and see how many times is listed

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