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  tes 12:41 30 Apr 2004

Why is the tiscali disc stuck to the other side of the page which has usefull information on it? The page always tears when removeing the disc.Why can't it be stuck to the backside
(no pun intended)of a page with adverts on?

  Trolley 12:44 30 Apr 2004

I want to know the same thing!

Is really annoying.

They could just drop the sticker in the packaging instead of sticking it into the magazine. This would be SO much better!

Doesn't make sense. Why should we have to wreck our precious PC Advisor magazine for the sake of having to get a cd out of it?

  Totally-braindead 12:46 30 Apr 2004

Have a look at
click here
it seems Tiscali specify the glue used. Must be a superglue derivative judging by how differcult it is to get it off!

  Confab 12:47 30 Apr 2004
  GaT7 13:30 30 Apr 2004

Posted by Eric10 from click here.

"They had this discussion on the letters page of the somewhat overpriced PC Answers some months ago and the readers were told that Tiscali insists on the CD being glued in rather than just inserted. i.e. no glue = no advertising revenue. I have noticed the glue does seem to be getting harder of late though. So far I have found that the best way of minimising damage is if you can remove the CD while leaving the glue on the page. Once separated the glue can usually be removed by rolling it."

Since when did any commercial organisation REALLY put the customers FIRST?!

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:44 30 Apr 2004

why do we need one EACH month? ive got loads!!

  GaT7 13:54 30 Apr 2004

"Since when did any commercial organisation REALLY put the customers FIRST?!" - sorry I take this statement back. For something so trivial I suppose it's a bit harsh & OTT : )))

  wee eddie 21:52 30 Apr 2004

All commercial organisations put their own survival first.

  woodchip 22:00 30 Apr 2004

I think they all get paid by the dozen as there are AOL and Tiscali in every mag coming out my hears just about

  lucky1 22:01 30 Apr 2004

I find standing over a steaming kettle helps !!!

  stalion 22:03 30 Apr 2004

helps what lucky1 sounds painful to me aaaaaaaagh

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