pc advent laptop completely shut down

  ednamode 10:44 25 Feb 2014


Today logged into my laptop as usual. i put my headphones into the usb slot. the laptop closed down. My laptop is plugged in to the mains (i.e. not running off the battery)so normally the mains light would show on the laptop,however on this occasion the mains light is not showing and my laptop is not responding to the turn on button. Please advise.

  onthelimit1 11:59 25 Feb 2014

Needs a new mains adaptor. Most are pretty shoddy quality and don't always last very long. Amazon is where I usually get replacements from.

  wee eddie 12:18 25 Feb 2014

I suppose it is too much to assume that the headphones were not USB!

However, back to the most obvious, check all your connections, including plugging a light into the Mains Socket as the plugging in of the headphones is unlikely to have been the cause, unless there was a loose connection within them.

I assume that there is a transformer between the Mains and the Lappy ~ Is its tell-tale glowing? If not check the fuse in its plug

  onthelimit1 14:33 25 Feb 2014

The lamp may well show even if the output is dead. Only way to check is with a voltmeter on the transformer output plug.

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