Pc acting up on start up

  jmcoo7 14:21 29 Nov 2006

Hi need help just started using new pc from Mesh , looks great plays great etc however strange problem i have to turn it on a few times in the morning b4 it actually gets going . I can hear fans etc start up then nowt no beep ziltch . So after turning off via button at front i try again this happens a few times then it starts up fine beep then no probs , any ideas what could be wrong after it starts up no problems rest of day . Bit strange me thinks ? Thanks in advance folks .

  Jackcoms 14:56 29 Nov 2006

"Bit strange me thinks ?"

Yes, a bit strange. But you also state that it's a new PC (and, presumably, still under warranty).

Shouldn't your first port of call, therefore, be Mesh?

  jmcoo7 15:00 29 Nov 2006

Yeah i know but after reading so many complaints about customer services there i got a bit fed up waiting on the telephone , i did ring them the first day after opening the pc and pressing in a few connectors seemed ok and they were satisfied it was just a loose connector. However after happening every day since monday i thought id ask herr b4 i ring again for any ideas.

  Jackcoms 15:34 29 Nov 2006

One thing NOT to do:

Don't open up the tower and start fiddling around inside - that will invalidate your warranty!

  jmcoo7 15:43 29 Nov 2006

I opened the case on Monday but only on their instructions , will keep trying to ring them and hope i get through . I suspect it might be a problem with the graphics card because i still hear everything else just no beep and no signal . I wont open the case unless they tell me too .

  freaky 16:17 29 Nov 2006

I have a Mesh, and remember reading in their paperwork, that on booting you should keep the startup button depressed for 'x' seconds before releasing it.

Have not found this necessary with mine, but you could give it a try.

  jmcoo7 16:25 29 Nov 2006

Thanks m8 will try that in the morning , maybe thats why it starts sometimes . Will hold it for a little while longer , cant see it being anything serious because when it's on it's a beast fast as hell smooth never crashed yet etc .

  zarobian 16:43 29 Nov 2006

If the Hard Disk in the BOIS is set as the first boot device, then you need to change the sequence of boot devices.
Go to BOIS set up and change the cdrom as your first boot device,floppy drive( if installed), as your second boot device and HD as your third boot device. This sequence will introduce a slight delay in booting from HD. Which I think is needed in your case.

However I am not familiar with mesh bois setup. Perhaps somebody else can guide you in this respect or contact the Mesh technician for help.

  jmcoo7 16:54 29 Nov 2006

Mine was set to floppy first , hard drive 2nd and cd-rom last . I have changed it around making cd first , floppy 2nd and hard drive last . Booted differently , seems fine thanks very much .

  zarobian 18:43 29 Nov 2006

Glad your problem solved.


  freaky 20:30 29 Nov 2006

Pleased to hear you have sorted it out.

Must remember to check the BIOS settings in my Mesh ! Have owned it for 18 months and 'touch wood' it has behaved impeccably.

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