PayPal's merchant tools ar not a replacement for

  murgle 19:13 24 Oct 2005

PayPal's merchant tools ar not a replacement for many ecommerce packages.

In order to reduce costs I decided to give up my 1&1 eshop and merchant banker "WorldPay" and build my shop using frontage and using PayPal as the payment centre.

Everything went fine until I started adding zero rated VAT items such as books. I have found a mojor problem with PayPal. It will not allow you to have zero rated items and vat items. You have to set PayPal to charge VAT ot not.

Having writen to the PC Advisor forum it was then recommended that I open a second PayPal account just for zero rated items. I did this and then discovered when verifying the account that I have to open a seperate bank account as PayPal will not pay in to the same bank account the other account is registered too.

I have questioned and received a reply from paypal regarding this and was told there was no way around it. So it's back to 1&1 eshops again :-( .

  PurplePenny 22:19 24 Oct 2005

You could continue to use PayPal as the payment processor and use an e-commerce package.

OsCommerce (free, open source): click here

PHPCart (cheap and cheerful): click here

  Forum Editor 23:39 24 Oct 2005

and I'm astonished at PayPal's reaction - I would have thought that this crops up on a regular basis. I can't believ that it's beyond the inventiveness of a company of this stature to come up with a solution which enables payments for zero-rated items to be filtered off into a sub-account, so that you can operate one main account and draw down funds into a single bank account.

After all, it's you who has to account to the VAT inspector for your tax.

  PurplePenny 14:51 25 Oct 2005

I can't understand why they wouldn't let two PayPal accounts use the same bank account. Presumably they think that it would allow some kind of scam but I can't for the life of me think how such a thing would work.

On the other hand I can see valid reasons for having two PayPal accounts linked to the same bank account. Kev and I have a joint bank account but we might have separate PayPal accounts, in which case there would be no option but for them both to be linked to the same bank account because neither of us is going to race out and open another bank account.

  murgle 19:19 25 Oct 2005

My question:

I have writen to you previously and did not get a reply. I would be grateful if you could reply as soon as possible.

I have recently given up my worldpay account in favour of using PayPal.
I have an online shop which sells spares and books for Import vehicles.

Adding VAT
The first problem I have is when customers want to purchase a book from my site. Books are zero rated for VAT so I do not want to charge VAT on the sales. The other items I sell do incure VAT which needs to be added and then end of the payment. The problem with your current system is that it only allows you to charge VAT on all items and no VAT on all items which is causing a big problem. Is there any way around this?

2nd PayPal account.
After asking question on forums etc, it was suggested that I open a second PayPal account and set it not to apply VAT. I did this and it works fine. All my book sales are paid through this account. Now for the second problem. I have just tried to add my bank account to this PayPal account and now it tells me I can only use one bank account for security reasons.

This is causing me a grate deal of problems and would be very grateful if you could advise me on what to do for the best.

Kind regards


Thank you for contacting PayPal in regard to your VAT and Account Query.

Problem 2: Unfortunately you can't add one Bank account to two different PayPal accounts. This is not possible. Every Bank account number is unique. The system can't route Funds between two PayPal accounts with one Bank account. Is it possible to add a second Bank account to the second PayPal account. Sometimes it's possible to get a second number from your Bank.

Problem 1: Since PayPal doesn't charge VAT there is no way from our site to use one PayPal account with two VAT payments. Eventually there is a way to set up a website with two different payments, connected to your PayPal account. You have to contact your Web designer about this.
Please let me know if you need further assistance.

I apologize for this Information, but there is no way around.

  murgle 19:28 25 Oct 2005

Thanks to Forum editor for your suggestion, it would have worked well to have 2 Paypal accounts if they allowed 2 accounts to pay in to one.

Thanks also to Purple Penny for the links to the ecommerce tools. I wil have a look at these.

The main reason I went for the PayPal option was because I can import my accounts straight in to Quickbooks. This would have saved me days of entering orders. The import feature works well and imports perfectly showing VAT and paypals deduction etc.

I feel that maybe this topic may be officially questioned by PC Advisor as I am also sure there are many companies/indivuals experiencing the same problems.

Kind regards

  spuds 19:10 26 Oct 2005

Have you looked at the Nochex system!.

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