PayPal worry

  Seth Haniel 11:49 31 Jul 2008

email looks genuine but..
'My Name', you've almost reached the payment limit on your account'
Dear 'My Name' we have noticed that you've almosr reached the payment or 'sending' limit on your PayPal account.....
To lift limit get verified....
got to click here - your account - link Uk-Unverified and enter your bank details we will deposit two small amounts into your bank account...
Then tell us what the two amounts are - this confirmsd you have control of thebank account.

As I spent £9.95 in January and nothing since as they say my card has expired my limit looks exceedingly small -
Is this a standard letter from PayPal or do I just give them up as a bad job???

  smartpoly 11:59 31 Jul 2008

This is the standard verification letter from Paypal. Everybody will get one at some time to verified their bank account if it is not linked to a credit card.

I am getting fake Paypal emails every week now and non of them have my actual name or ID. Never respond to anything from Paypal if they don't mention you by name.

  rickf 12:05 31 Jul 2008

If still unsure, ring them for confirmation.

  oldbeefer2 12:31 31 Jul 2008

Yes, I just had one as well. I forwarded it to Paypal as a suspect message as I don't have an account - use a credit card. Why would they ask for bank details when they would already have them? Sure smells suspicious to me.

  Seth Haniel 12:39 31 Jul 2008

you would think they would have checked a few details before they sent out an email....

As I didn't use it much when I had the account i will probably just let it lapse now. Too much trouble for what its worth ;)

  Snec 15:48 31 Jul 2008

It's SOP with Paypal.

  Noels 15:49 31 Jul 2008

Which isn't very often. I received a very authentic looking e-mail saying my account would be suspended unless I verified my details (my words) requesting all the details of me and my accounts. I was very suspicious and phoned Pay Pal who were very helpful asking me to forward a copy of the e-mail.
I believe Pay Pal, to be totally honest and like other Banks do not ask for any info from you.
If in doubt phone Pay Pal but DON'T give any info to anyone.

  al7478 16:45 31 Jul 2008

id second the suggestion to contact them if you're unsure.

i had a fake ebay email once, but now they put all communications into your My Ebay messages aswell as emailing you.

  Forum Editor 17:24 31 Jul 2008

to the Helproom.

  bretsky 18:25 31 Jul 2008

Send it to [email protected]
They will reply with something like, as they did with me a few months back.
Dear your name,

Thanks for taking an active role by reporting suspicious-looking emails.
The email you forwarded to us is a phishing email, and our security team is working to disable it.

bretsky ;0)

  spuds 19:59 31 Jul 2008

Contact PayPal before you go any further, mainly and especially as the email as your personal details.

When you open a PayPal account they will require that you verify as to who you are,and if your banking details are correct, by depositing two sums of money into your own bank account. You then need to contact PayPal and inform them of the amounts that you have received. Thats the end of the matter,you should have no need to verify your account again, unless you change bank details, and you have not notified PayPal, and PayPal are unable to draw funds that are required for payments.

I have many PayPal spoofs, and I have ignored all. My account is still active. The last spoof I had was on 19/07/2008 telling me that my account as been locked?.

PayPal did sent out an official letter on 13/06/2008 regarding change of fees and methods of payment as from 9 July 2008. eBay have also sent a letter out on the 15/07/2008 'Changes to the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy'. Both are nothing to worry about.

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