paypal sender limit

  tony58 17:58 30 Apr 2006

i have just tried to make a paymant on ebay with paypal, but have been refused because i have reached the sender limit, they have my credit card details, but now the want me to be verified and want my bank account details is this the way it is done? is it safe?is it normal ?any help would be apprecited tony

  SANTOS7 18:01 30 Apr 2006

click here
this may help.

  tony58 19:01 30 Apr 2006

thanks santos7 , tony

  absent 20:28 30 Apr 2006

This is why I closed my paypal account, I do not consider paypal secure and do not wish to be forced to hand over my bank details. Paypal came in handy at times, but not so much as I miss it.

  Bagsey 20:50 30 Apr 2006

Paypal use your sort code and account number to pay in 2 small sums of money into your account. After a set time they ask you to check your account and tell them the value of the sums deposited. That way they know that you are the legitimate account holder. Good security. I must say that I find all of the adverse comments about Paypal and ebay on this website quite surprising as I have had nothing but good service and help from them. If you read the info on paypal you will find that there is a limit to the value of the purchase you can make without being verified. Again another security measure. I fell into the same trap as you, and it took me some time to sort out. But was very pleased with the manner in which the verification process was carried out.

  spuds 21:03 30 Apr 2006

To get verified may take a few days, and you will need to check your bank or credit card statement for PayPal's verification payment. This waiting procedure could cause annoyance with whoever you want to complete a money transaction with. It is best if you contact the person, and explain the situation. If they are verified, then they would know the procedures.

  Audeal 21:11 30 Apr 2006

I agree with Bagsey. I have been with Paypal and ebay for some years now and had no problems, untill recently when I could not log in to my paypal account, so I e-mailed them and they responded in no time at all and it was sorted without any further problems. Much of what has been said about them are one off problems and should not be assumed as the norm.

  tony58 12:46 01 May 2006

thanks everybody .i did buy 2 paintings on ebay that i could not pay for , in made things difficult ,so a trip to the post office for stamps, envelopes, writing paper and postel orders, and i have send emails to explain.yes it was much easier to click the pay now box thanks yony

  spuds 13:44 01 May 2006

Just a further advisory note,by paying by postal order or cheque you will have taken the purchase away from PayPal protection. If there is a dispute, then eBay procedures will apply.

Talking of paintings,and as a matter of curiosity, were these from regular seller's on eBay, Simon and Olga. If so, you are in safe hands, first rate people.

  tony58 15:56 02 May 2006

no ,ihave not come across them,but if you are a artist ebay seams the way to go, no gallery fees, and a worldwide art buying public,take another look spuds, tony

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