Paypal, have they changed their system?

  pj123 16:49 10 Jul 2007

When I have paid by Paypal previously it has always been instant.

Now all I get is "this item is pending payment by Paypal".

Just been notified by the seller that Paypal pending normally takes 5 to 7 days to clear.

Isn't that defeating the object of paying by Paypal in the first place?

I used to pay by personal cheque and was prepared to wait until clearance.

Maybe I will have to switch to Online Bank Transfer, that seemed to work on the couple of times I have used it.

  anskyber 17:06 10 Jul 2007

No, unless it is recent. Is it a function of where the funds are coming from, eg bank account or credit card?

  MeandHer 17:55 10 Jul 2007

When i have purchased something and payment pending has come up it has allways been that the seller is not registered properly.

  pj123 18:23 10 Jul 2007

anskyber, it seems to be pretty recent.

When I paid before if my Paypal account didn't have enough funds in it then the rest was taken direct from my bank account. But it was still instant.

  realist 19:33 10 Jul 2007

I just made a payment and it was instant.

  postie24 19:42 10 Jul 2007

Yep same here,transaction was instant.

  laurie53 19:42 10 Jul 2007

Me too

  leo49 20:14 10 Jul 2007

You sure you haven't cocked up and paid via eCheque from your Bank account? That's the usual reason my buyers payments are 'Pending'.

  EJ1947 21:17 10 Jul 2007

Similar thing happened to me a while back. It turned out my debit card had expired and they had to draw the cash direct from my account manually thus taking 7 days or so.

  spuds 21:40 10 Jul 2007

Never had this problem about delayed payment, always instant now, unless there is something wrong with the sellers account.

Made a number of purchases on Sunday, received them today, all paid for and to the seller's satisfaction.

Did have an email from a seller last week stating that they had not been paid. I had confirmation that PayPal had processed payment. Apparently the seller rechecked and found that the payment had been made into her husbands account by mistake.She blames PayPal!.

Normally if there is 'pending' showing, it usually indicates the account as not been set-up correctly.If you go to your PayPal account, I think it should state 'verified'. That means PayPal have checked and arranged payments from your bank and/or credit card company.

  pj123 12:03 11 Jul 2007

leo49, don't know whether it was me that "cocked" it up. All I did was hit the Paypal payment button, which took me to my Paypal account where I had to sign in. I just followed the prompts from there as normal. I did notice that it said something about eCheque though.

Is there an option I missed?

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