Paypal costs to accept payment

  parapilot 20:59 27 Jun 2006


I wish to send a payment to a friend, he has a buisness account so he can sell on ebay. When a user pays him with a credit card he gets charged a % age.

I have funds in my account already, so wont use a credit card. Will he still get charged to recieve the payment from me?

I know its free to send and recieve funds in a personal account, it this true of a buisness account when no credit card is used???

Thank You

  pj123 21:48 27 Jun 2006

Paypal is a business, so they need to make a profit. They do this by charging a percentage of all transactions. Mostly they only charge the seller the percentage but the seller may or may not pass the percentage on to the buyer.

Notice also that some suppliers charge a percentage if you pay by Credit card but not if you pay by Debit Card.

  terryf 21:51 27 Jun 2006

Send a cheque by 2nd class post, it will only cost you a stamp

  spuds 22:37 27 Jun 2006

If he's got a business account with PayPal, then they will make a transaction charge.

  parapilot 22:42 27 Jun 2006

Thanks Spuds.

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