paypal buy now buttons - adding to Dreamweaver

  machins 13:42 17 Dec 2004

I have a Paypal account for my club and wish to add 'buy' buttons to items on the site.
I have generated the code on Paypals button 'factory', copied the resulting text and pasted it into the page as directed (paste html).
Problem is when I preview the page (F12) nothing is there; However on Dreamweaver there appears an icon (but not the buy now button)

Any clues what I am doing wrong please?

  Taran 13:54 17 Dec 2004

You don't say where you are viewing your page(s) but if it's on your own PC and not published to the web then there's your problem.

The PayPal button code contains some elements that have to run on a web server to work properly. I imagine that if you publish your page(s) and try the buttons you'll find yourself the proud owner of whatever the button buys you.


  machins 14:08 17 Dec 2004

Published the page on my server as a test page but still the same - what can I try next?

  Dragonslave 16:07 17 Dec 2004

I am having the same problem, I couldn't get the Paypal buttons to work either and I also have a similar problem with the code for a hit counter I tried to use.

I used the web page publisher with Microsoft Windows 2000.

I can see the code in my page when it's in edit mode. When I save it, it disappears and when I upload it, it's not there either.

I sort of got round the Paypal one by pasting the button image on my page and then setting up a hyperlink to the Paypal site. It works, but it's not right. But I desperately need a hit counter and some other utilities on there.
Anyone got any ideas?

  slysy 22:50 17 Dec 2004

I experienced similar problem with dreamweaver, I cant see the image in DW, just the script, but it does appear on my webpage. The latter was only possible after I changed the image to one of my own host by my site.

My original thoughts were with the images from PayPal, but I have not been able to prove it 100%.
I have now gone with the ADD TO CART button, so I changed the <input type="image" src="click here="0" instead of using the button from PayPal.
This works.

If you do use the ADD TO CART, dont foget to add some CHECKOUT buttons as well.
I have had a contact stating they could not make the payment after they had close the cart window.
This could have been rectified by the user, but as we used frames, we added a CHECKOUT button in the menu so it was always on view.

Hope this helps a little.


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