Paypal account hacked!

  hiwatt 16:22 10 Apr 2012

My partner got her bank statement and there was a payment of £285 to paypal!She hadn't used paypal and very seldom does. She checked her email and there was an email showing a purchase of an HD video camera(in USA dollars) She contacted paypal and they said they were aware of it and had suspected that a third party had accessed her account and placed the payment on hold! So how can someone get access to her paypal account/password etc?The computer is up to date with avast antivirus and a firewall,I have spywareblaster installed.I run Malwarebytes on demand scanner.I am always running various malware scans and it all comes up clean?Also no email attachements are ever opened? They have told her to change her passwords should she cancel her bank cards too?Thanks.

  rickf 16:56 10 Apr 2012

PP accounts are associated to the email address as you are probably aware. The culprit probably got the address from somewhere else. It's possible. Just a thought. In any case, my experience with PP has been a good one. It takes a bit of time but they will refund her after the investigation.

  birdface 16:58 10 Apr 2012

[The computer is up to date with avast antivirus and a firewall,I have spywareblaster installed.I run Malwarebytes on demand scanner]

If they are all freebies you will not have full time protection on them.Always best paying for 1 Anti-malware program.

Can't comment about paypal as I have never used it before.

Good job Paypal noticed it.I take it she is getting the payment refunded.

  hiwatt 17:01 10 Apr 2012

Yeah Rick but how did they get the paypal log in details/password? I hear what you're saying buteman but the "freebies" haven't let anything through as all the scans I have done with various online scanners etc have found not even as much as a tracking cookie!

  Ian in Northampton 17:03 10 Apr 2012

Like Rick, I have only ever had good experiences with PayPal (and I've used PayPal 500+ times). Your wife should be OK. I doubt she needs to do anything re bank cards: it's her PayPal account that's been hacked, not her bank. Even if these people have access to her PayPal account, I can't see how that would give them direct access to her bank account. You/she might like to talk to PayPal about it, though.

  hiwatt 17:15 10 Apr 2012

Yeah Ian They have been good actually!They recognized the transaction as being suspicious and put the payment on hold and it will be refunded.Although it was the paypal account that was hacked the payment came from her debit card which is linked to her paypal account? I just cant work out how someone could get access to er paypal account password etc though?

  Diemmess 17:33 10 Apr 2012

I just cant work out how someone could get access to er paypal account password etc though?

Yes hiwatt, that's the question that interests me.

Judging from the care you so obviously take to avoid this sort of thing, it is almost insulting though I don't mean to be, but have you or your partner ever responded to one of those phishing emails threatening to suspend the account unless you click on the link and affirm you PayPal details? I get about one every other month from "PayPal"

  hiwatt 19:29 10 Apr 2012

Diemmess No never.They always just get deleted straight away and the usually end up in the spam folder too!She knows not to open any attachments and that paypal will always have her name in the email!

  rickf 20:41 10 Apr 2012

The password could have been accessed from somewhere else if she used the same password. \it's advisable to have different passwords for different accounts

  morddwyd 20:53 10 Apr 2012

It happened to me once, several years ago.

PayPal sorted within one hour of me ringing them (at 10.00 at night).

I asked PayPal if there was anything I could do, or had I done anything wrong, they said no, it's an ongoing battle and these people are very clever and often have vast resources.

They advised me to change my password, which I did, and so far I've had no trouble since.

I use PP about two or three times a month, if the option is available when shopping on-line I invariably use it.

  ams4127 20:59 10 Apr 2012

I had the same thing a couple of months ago when someone charged me about £100 for a "Classic Statue".

I have had that PP account for several years and never used it. After the hassle I went through with PP I will never, ever, use Ebay or PP as long as I live.

Both accounts are cancelled.

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