Green Thumbs 17:08 29 Dec 2006

Is PayPal save to use

  Staz 17:12 29 Dec 2006

however be careful if you EVER recieve emails from "paypal" asking for you to input any details including username and password. The look very realistic. You can test their fakeness by putting fake details into the page. It will thank you for logging in!

  mbp 17:18 29 Dec 2006

There has been so much phishing about, that I have ignored any updates requests about my information from both PayPal and ebay. I am so wary now about any request about updating my personal data. Am I paranoid?

  anskyber 17:24 29 Dec 2006

Sensible I think. The golden rule for all things financial is to ignore e mail notifications and go instead to the sites direct and see if you are asked from there.

  Gongoozler 17:25 29 Dec 2006

mbp, no you aren't being paranoid, just sensible. It is most unlikely that any reputable organisation will email you to update your personal data. If you think that any of your accounts needs to be updated, visit the website by typing the address into the browser address box, log in to your account page and check for messages there.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 17:38 29 Dec 2006

I have used paypal for about a year now with no faults i must be one of the lucky ones. take note of the advice given and NEVER reply to a paypal email asking for your account details to varify who you r they will never ask this of you, i have had a coulpe and just deleted and ignored them.

  mbp 18:02 29 Dec 2006

I have had dozens of email from these two sources to update my details, and I daren't even open the site to check if it is the genuine site.

Personally if it is so risky, I'd rather go to well known shops or internet sites, and pay the full price rather than try to find a bargain on ebay and have to pay by Paypal. One fraudulent deal, and it will finish me from internet shopping. Where ever possible make sure the site has the security "https" symbol.

Thanks for all your advice! All newbies should note the advice!

  eedcam 18:13 29 Dec 2006

if you are in doubt check your 'My Messages at e-bay if it ain't there it aint real or forward it untouched to [email protected] they will come back and confirm

  nkosi 18:15 29 Dec 2006

I've had no problems with paypal in four years. The advice to ignore email notifications is wise. Even if you are sure that an email link is genuine, don't click it - type the address in by hand. Finally, IE7 has a phishing filter built in and is updated with known phishing sites. I tried it out by clicking a link in a phishing email and it worked. Don't rely on it, but it's an extra bolt on the door.


  Forum Editor 18:23 29 Dec 2006

for various transactions. I recently sold a domain name for a fairly substantial amount, and elected to have the money paid direct to my Paypal business account in US dollars (the buyer lives in America).

Within 48 hours of the money arriving in the PayPal account it was transferred to my UK bank account in GB Pounds - there was no conversion charge. You couldn't really hope for a more efficient service than that, and I have no hesitation in recommending PayPal; just be very careful never to divulge your account information to anyone.

  caris 23:16 30 Dec 2006

Having used Paypal for some while now I have found it to be safe... as long as you follow the advice given above.

[email protected] is where I have had to send a couple of requests for payment on items I knew nothing about. They were excellent in helping me out.

Look on the ebay site and view all of the help information there.

It's wise to check out your Paypal account from time to time to reassure yourself that all is in order.

Do not divulge any personal information. If you are unsure just forward the suspect email to [email protected]

Good Luck & Happy Ebaying.


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