AJ28 01:25 29 Oct 2005

Hello there, ive never used paypal before, but i am signed up with an account there as for something i was planning to buy off ebay using it, however never did need to.
Now comes the time i need to.... and i really have no idea how it works and what happens so if anyone can please give me a brief understanding of what its all about id be most appriciative.
One thing that concerns me is whether the paypal account is linked to a bank account, or whether it is seperate and you make transactions by putting money into your paypal account from bank account.


  Skills 01:42 29 Oct 2005

It depends if you have put your bank account on file then yes it is linked to it and will draw the funds that you pay out from there. Unless you have also put a credit card on file and you choose to use this as your funding source.

When you buy an item on ebay the seller may send you an invoice through paypal which you can then follow and pay or from your my ebay area you can click on the pay now option to the far right of the item listed and this will take you to paypal.

If you recieve money into your paypal account thou it isnt automatically paid into your account that if you have on file(if that is the case) as you have to pay a fee to withdraw any funds from your paypal account. Otherwise your funds are left in your paypal account and the next time you pay for something using paypal you can use this as a source of funding.

Hope that helps

  griffon 56 01:48 29 Oct 2005

Hi AJ28,

I thought all the info you want was on Paypal's site. The account isn't directly linked to a bank account, it's just a statement of credit and you can pay out of it when it's in the black and feed it from a bank account by all the usual payment methods when it isn't. You top it up by paying in or by selling on Ebay. You've made me think. I'll have a look at tomorrow and refresh my memory.

  AJ28 01:48 29 Oct 2005

ah thanks i think i understand....

so using paypal, how do i go about getting the credit card onto the paypal account, i saw something mentioning 7-9 days...?

  Skills 01:56 29 Oct 2005

Look through the paypal pages and there should be an option to add a funding source or something like that you can then enter the details of your credit card into the system.

  AJ28 01:57 29 Oct 2005

i think im pretty much understanding it now

thankyou very much everyone, but does it take 7 to 9 days for the money to get into paypal?

  Skills 02:15 29 Oct 2005

My friend uses a credit card to pay through hers and the payment is sent straight away and shows up on her next months statement.

If you use a bank account then when you first set it up you have to wait for paypal to deposit small ammounts into the account. You then verrify these at the paypal website. That can take a couple of days I think.

But after that its the same the payment is sent
and money taken from your account which is shown on your next statement.

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