JACC 22:53 20 May 2005

Anyone getting an e-mail from Paypal saying it's a security measure .I logon to the website and can't do anything else until i answer their questions . They have my cards expiry date and the last two numbers are correct but i'm not keen on filling in the credit card details again . Do you think it real or a scam .

  Audeal 22:57 20 May 2005

JACC. It is a scam. PayPal do not send out E-Mails asking for any details, They already have them. Delete it and do not answer it under any circumstances what so ever, or you will loose your money.

  Pooke100 22:59 20 May 2005

If in doubt leave it OUT. Send an email to paypal and ask them what is what. Have a look click here

  leo49 08:21 21 May 2005

On the other hand, if, when you login to your Paypal account by the normal means[NOT by following a link in an email],you have limited access and you are asked to re-verify your account by taking certain steps then it could be genuine.

However it would have been explained in the email and again on Paypal login why this was necessary and only comes into play when £4800 has passed through your Paypal account and once again at about the £9500 mark.At these points genuine checks are made in order to comply with EEC money laundering regulations.

As above, if in doubt give no details until checking with Paypal.

  Stuartli 09:37 21 May 2005

I've had a similar e-mail this week - I forwarded it to the department at e-Bay that deals with such matters ([email protected]) and have had two responses thanking me for taking time to do so.

The original e-mail is quite realistic (I read it via its Properties>Message Source) but it pays to be alert...:-)

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