Sapins 17:45 02 Mar 2004

Hi everyone,

Has anyone used PayPal?



  pinka 17:47 02 Mar 2004

a few times, i always stick to power sellers, and buy nothing second hand.

  MichelleC 17:51 02 Mar 2004

It's a good way to pay via internet as everyone has to be verified. Only the commisssion rate is a bit high, based on %.

  hoverman 18:12 02 Mar 2004

Been using PayPal for several years without any problems. Absolutely safe and secure - although beware bogus e-mails asking for details to be confirmed by clicking on a link. As with other financial institutions, PayPal will never e-mail such requests.

  LeadingMNMs 18:40 02 Mar 2004

I've used it without problems. As mentioned above there fees can be high (always charged to seller), something like 20p + 3.4% which looks small but can add alot. They offer various forms of accounts, some that have no fees and others that do (if you wish to be able to recieve payments from a credit card).

  Sapins 21:46 02 Mar 2004

Thanks pinka, MichelleC, hoverman and LeadingMNMs for your replies, looks safe to use but check the commission first Eh?


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