paying for hotmail

  gudda96 10:40 27 Jul 2007

I heard that to receive Hotmail in OE, you have to pay, if so>>>

How do you go about it.

How much.

Will I actually be able to open the HM messages in OE without logging on because unlike previous, I now have to insert user name/password every time.

  Miros 10:51 27 Jul 2007

Not true, or wasn't true I used to download it to my OE. I don't bother now I use their Web Mail which is easier now I'm on BB.

You obviously will be able to open messages you have saved in OE but will need to go online to download them.

  Miros 10:58 27 Jul 2007

Next time you log on click save my name and password. You shouldn't need to insert everytime.

  gudda96 12:08 27 Jul 2007


I c/o save every time but still need to log in and I THINK you do have to pay HM now if you want to open in OE

  tobyb121 12:13 27 Jul 2007

You could use live messenger, it logs in for you, and alerts you when you get new emails.

  gudda96 12:17 27 Jul 2007


Could you elaberate please

  wee eddie 13:10 27 Jul 2007

If I remember rightly

  howard64 17:23 27 Jul 2007

the free hotmail use of OE was stopped over a year ago but long time users were granted the privalege of continuing using OE. I am one of them but use live messenger. Simply type hotmail into google go to the site and download the free messenger. You have to log onto it with your hotmail address and password.

  gudda96 18:20 27 Jul 2007

Wee Eddie
i am trying to find where/how to pay for it, any hints??

So can Live Messenger be opened in OE, if not, how is it different than going to/using Hotmail.

I do receive my Googlemail in OE.

  octal 18:41 27 Jul 2007

Why pay for using Hotmail on OE when you can do it for nothing?

click here

  gudda96 18:49 27 Jul 2007


I am all for "free" but the reason of thinking of hotmail is that i have given it out on all forums/business etc and its to save changing them all.

Plus, apart from AOL, I dont know others.

If I was going to forgo paying hotmail, I will use my Google as that already opens in OE free.

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