PAYG Internet On Win95

  Jester2K 13:29 02 Mar 2004

Does anyone do Pay As You Go internet which will run on Win 95? I got a BTInternet and freeserve CD for my mum and they both say "98 or higher". I haven't had a chance to try them yet...

  LastChip 13:56 02 Mar 2004

All you need to do, is set-up an account for your mum on any computer (yours?).

Use Dial-Up Networking to configure the connection on your mum's machine and if it hasn't been up-dated, install Internet Explorer 5.5 (6.0 may be over the top!) as I would assume, it's a fairly slow processor.

Ignore totally, the CD's, as they only load a load of junk you don't need anyway.

Install a Shortcut for her connection on the desktop and away you go!

  Taff36 14:03 02 Mar 2004

I gave a friend my old Win95 computer and signed her up online with BT Openworld. I used an old program from BT just to get me online called BTClik (105KB). Once online

The problem is that since the Yahoo merger days warnings are given out that individual computer systems are inadequate - god knows how they know but they must be reading the specifications as you register!

Suggest you try using one of the disks and ignore any warnings. If you want a copy of BTClik e-mail me and I`ll send it to you. I assume it still works but I haven`t tried it in about a year.

  wildrover 14:06 02 Mar 2004

click here Onetel do a useful 1.5p per minute anytime with no connection charges. I used to use it all the time but now only as a 'standby' for when my bb goes awol. I'm sure it works on W95 OK

  Jester2K 17:56 03 Mar 2004

(I'd forgotten about this thread)

I might look at the OneTel as it cheapest and about right for her. Do they do a CD? I have internet access (obviously) but she doesn't which makes it difficult to set up on her PC.

  wildrover 09:57 04 Mar 2004

I don't think they do! Not sure how to set up without prior connection. Sales and general enquiries phone number = 0800 957 0199

  LastChip 10:51 04 Mar 2004

If you read my post, it will tell you how to set up a connection without a CD. IMHO, it's infinitely better, as you don't get all the advertising junk associated with ISP CD's.

When you apply for a PAYG account, it is not tied to any particular telephone number. The ISP takes a percentage of the telephone bill from wherever you dial in. For example, I could come to your home, set up my dial in account on your computer and dial in and use the service. I've done this many times for clients when setting up accounts for them. I use my account to log on to the internet, set up an account for them and then switch the log in details. Works every time!

  Jester2K 10:56 04 Mar 2004

Sorry Lastchip, i should have said...

I would set it up here first and transfer as you say but i have Broadband and my modem is in someone elses PC now.

I'll see if it can be done on BB but if not i'll call them.

  LastChip 11:06 04 Mar 2004

You can set up an account via wherever you like.

  wildrover 11:19 04 Mar 2004

Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.

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