PAYG dial-up problem

  hssutton 14:34 23 Apr 2007

Now don't fall about laughing as this is a serious matter to some friends of mine, and a pain in the neck to me.

Ok, the setup, one telephone line (no broadband available) One house, one bungalow approx 100 metres distance and their agricultural engineering business another 50m away.

You with me so far? each property has a PC and the one line is distributed by a small exchange.

The house and workshop PCs can access the internet, but the bungalow cannot. We have swopped the PCs around, but the problem remains. indicating a problem with the telephone line and/or exchange.

Telephone engineer says nothing is wrong with the line or exchange, but has rewired the telephone system anyway.

To remove the possibility of an exchange problem the line for the bungalow as now been arranged so as to bypass the exchange. However we still have the same problem.

I have the PC at my home and this works ok with a dial-up speed of 40,000+.

I've suggested the obvious such as installing a second line, but apparently this will be expensive as they live approx 5 miles from the nearest exchange and a new line would have to be hung across several miles of fields.

It's great living in the middle of nowhere :)

  MAJ 14:39 23 Apr 2007

It might be a REN problem, do they have more than 4 phones plugged into the line at the same time?

  hssutton 16:28 23 Apr 2007

Thanks Maj, I'd forgot all about the "ren", something for me to check, but would have thought the telephone engineer would have spotted that one.

I think they have dect phones at two locations, with one of the old type phones in the workshop

  MAJ 16:49 23 Apr 2007

I would be surprised also if the engineer hadn't spotted it, hssutton, maybe so simple he didn't think of it. Don't forget any fax machines, sky boxes, etc. that might be plugged in. If they have one computer at each location which is plugged in, then that's 3 already, a dect phone at two locations is another 2 and an ordinary phone at the workshop is 1, that's a ren of 6 (if each device is 1 ren), all on one line. Ask your engineer about a ren amplifier, see if he can suggest something.

  MAJ 16:52 23 Apr 2007

You could try disconnecting all other devices from the line and having just the computers attached, just as an experiment.

  hssutton 17:01 23 Apr 2007

Thanks Maj, It will be Wednesday before I get back to check it out. So will report back Wed. evening. At least now I have something to check out. First thing after reconnecting the PC will be to unplug everything else.

  MAJ 17:09 23 Apr 2007

It was just a thought, hssutton, in the meantime maybe someone else will come up with another reason and give you a few more options to try out on Wednesday.

  Meshuga 21:29 23 Apr 2007

The REN factor only affects the ringing of the telephones,ie, ringing equivalent number. It should not affect the operation of anything else.

  Meshuga 21:42 23 Apr 2007

Further to my post above, please bear in mind that on dialup the phones would not be in use therefore the number of phones is immaterial. Only the PCs would be connected to the phone line.

  MAJ 21:48 23 Apr 2007

So it's possible to have any number of phones (say 8 for example) attached to one line, but you would never have a REN of more than 1, Meshuga?

  Meshuga 07:33 24 Apr 2007

MAJ, I am not saying that you can have unlimited number of phones but I have had 6 phones, an answering machine, Sky box connected to phone line, a personal safety alarm which rings and dials out, and a special loud bell supplied by BT because of deafness. ALL coud be used individually but not all would ring. I fitted a REN amplifyer and all work ok. AS already mentioned, REN only applies to the ringing. One other item I`d forgotten, I have a large Strobe light in my living room which flashes a brilliant amber light in time with the ring tone. Meshuga.

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