Pay pal ?

  holligan 13:49 05 Feb 2004

I was asked if i had a pay pal account to pay for something.

what is it ? ive had a look at the site but dont get it.

how do i pay by email as it says send and receive in email

do i open a account with them and put money in ?

is it like a bank


  Gongoozler 14:06 05 Feb 2004

PayPal is a useful organisation for handling online payments to small companies who don't have there own online payments system. click here.

But beware of hoaxes etc. e.g. click here and click here

  A15 14:09 05 Feb 2004

Just visit click here & everything will be explained.

This is a form of electronic money management. You register your bank account/debit/credit cards with them & you can then use this on line account to make payments for on line auctions & certain other website items. You will choose a user name & password & will then use your email address to receive any money owed to you.

Also check out Nochex click here A British company, but not so widely accepted or Natwest Fastpay click here

Remember to check out each sites tariffs as they all charge different amounts for providing the service. There are plenty of others out there too if you search for them.

  stlucia 14:10 05 Feb 2004

When you set up an account with PayPal they take details of your credit card or bank account, and give you a PayPal reference. Then, when someone wants to pay you something, you can give them your PayPal reference, and they can then pay PayPal what's due to you plus PayPal's fee (4%, I think). PayPal transfers the due amount into your account that they've got details of, and send you an email to say that the money's been received. You then send the goods to the buyer, in the almost-sure knowledge that you're going to get paid (subject only to PayPal not going bust, I suppose).

  AndyJ 14:13 05 Feb 2004

Yep...just like a bank. When you register with them you need to provide details of a regular bank account/credit card with them. If your PayPal account is in credit then funds are debited from it, if not - from your card.

You can transfer money back out from your account to your bank account/credit card whenever you want (free for over £50).

To pay via email then you simply enter the recipient's email address. They then get an email message to tell them they've got a payment and directed to PayPal to accept it. If they already have a PayPal account the amount is automatically transferred.

It's very simple to use and fast - which is why a lot of people/companies like it nowadays.

Incidentally as they're about to go "European" if you want to open an account from UK then you should go to this site click here ; if in the Americas then click here

  holligan 14:34 05 Feb 2004

I did read the site paypal but youve made it simplier


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