pay calculations in excel

  User-81724FED-925D-49B3-BCBB206EFD620277 00:22 13 May 2010

i have a rota spreadsheet in excel for time worked each day daily times in column for each day total for week end column can anyone tell me how to calculate wage by entering hourly rate and total time ie formula etc

  VoG II 05:21 13 May 2010

These won't be where your figures are but try to adapt:

A1 = total time worked, in Excel time format, Custom formatted as [h]:mm to correctly display durations of 24 hours and greater.

B1 = £/hour, formatted as Number

C1 = wage =A1*24*B1 formatted as Number.

  Kevscar1 07:05 13 May 2010

Easist way is to set time as hours and % of hours so if you worked 40 hrs 15 min it shows as 40.25. Then * by hourly rate.

  KremmenUK 07:12 13 May 2010

When working with hours and minutes I always have a hidden cell that holds (via calculation) the value in minutes, then perform the calculation(s) on this cell and convert back.

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