Pauses in Gameplay

  Evolution 18:40 16 Feb 2003

I hope somebody can help me with a very frustrating problem.

When playing some games, the game pauses very slightly every few seconds. This seems to only occur on driving games, eg GP4 and Midtown Madness 2. Games like Unreal Tournie 2003 work fine.

This never used to happen but I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows XP Home (plus service pack 1) after a system crash.

I have an AMD XP1900 with 1024mb ram, Nvidia GeForce 3 ti 500 graphics, soundblaster audigy, a 80gb HD with 50gb free.

My video and soundcard drivers are up to date.

Is there any chance that it could be caused by my Logitech Momo steering wheel (USB) although I do have the latest drivers for this as well.

Any advice would be welcome.


  MartinT-B 15:12 17 Feb 2003

This may be being caused by Safedisk V.2 - which is a copyright protection to prevent you making a copy of the disk. Part of the program forces the game to constantly check the disk, which is frankly a bore.

I get it on Morrowind, but luckily not every few secs, more like every minute or 2

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