Pauses at boot screen

  [DELETED] 19:10 14 Aug 2003


iv not beeon the the forum in ageeees, but, i thought bes tplace to come for some help!

well, when i start up my pc, it gets to the loading screen, saying "loading windows" but, it just does that, i left it for 2 hours earlier, still, just sits there, right now, im in safe mode, but plz any help would be much appreciated, as long as they dont mention "format", lol

~Winxp Pro



  xania 20:57 14 Aug 2003

When you boot up press <F8> and then load fully step-by-step. Chewck to see what is actually happening when the thing stops and there's your problem. Start again, masking sure NOT to load that particular driver and make sure that all else is working. Then, remove the bad driver and re-install. Hopefully......

And if that does not work, its that horrible f word again

  [DELETED] 21:04 14 Aug 2003

No no no.... Format your hard disk NOW!!!!!!!!

Or you could just do what xania says....

  [DELETED] 01:42 15 Aug 2003

well, i ended up formatting :(, ah well, nice speedy pc now, had to much junk on it, lol, ah well, i hope to pop in her emor eoften, used to be very active years ago, but, lost touch!


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