Patriot 3440e dvd rom driver problems

  Gazstirl 12:32 28 Aug 2008

I bought a Patriot 3440e computer 3 years ago. My son has tried connecting his PSP to the internet using a wi-fi and in trying to install certain software it appears to have messed up certain drivers on the PC. The CD/dvd driver and rewriter won't now work and I'm trying to find the make of the driver installed on the PC to see if I can up-date the driver. The only details I can find are lite-on dvd SOHD-167t, but I can't find anything that seems to work. I tried another "DVD driver repair" software but this kept coming up "critical error" during installation. Any ideas...?

  brundle 12:34 28 Aug 2008

No need for a driver for CD/DVD."won't now work" - in what way?
If the drive is missing from My Computer run this. click here

  Gazstirl 12:42 28 Aug 2008

After my son had finished messing the computer wouldn't recognise certain USB's such as my BT Voyager dongle, printer input. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Voyager driver, and now when I try the cd writer starts off then cuts down after 3-4 seconds, and in Device Manager it now has the yellow warning suggesting I don't have a driver...?

  brundle 12:49 28 Aug 2008

Have you done a full anti-spyware/antivirus scan?
click here

Have you tried System Restore?

Do you know what kind of software was installed and from what source?

  Gazstirl 12:52 28 Aug 2008

Brundle, I tried your first suggestion and the yellow signs have disappeared...! You may be a genius but I'm at work presently so am waiting to run something on it. Will let you know the outcome. Best wishes

  Gazstirl 12:56 28 Aug 2008

PS Did run a system restore, twice, but no change. Have not run a full scan but will keep in mind for later. My son can't recall what software(s) packages he might have put on it, but it's a particular PSP game that causes many users problems, so I'll be coming back to the helpline to establish how best to proceed. Thanks once again.

  brundle 13:07 28 Aug 2008

No problem, I hope it's sorted it.

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