Patch MS03-039 (KB824416) Download Problem

  BriR 12:13 16 Sep 2003

All is straightforward as d/load and install go without hitch and I?m told that ?installation is complete? (and I reboot though it doesn?t tell me to!? ? is this a clue) but when I go online again AutoUpdate is telling me to d/load the patch!. I check the Update log and see status ?failed?. I?ve tried over several days to patch both by Auto & from the Website and all failed. I get no error messages or any indication anything is wrong. I?m on XP Home. Looking at the log I see the original patch MS03-026 (823980) was auto installed on 18 July and as my system is behaving, I don?t think I have a worm problem. Any Ideas? I?ve read prev.threads on this patch but others at least seem to get an error message.

  BriR 12:30 16 Sep 2003

Soz - above number should read (KB824146)NOT 824416

  BriR 13:27 16 Sep 2003

No I didn't try from there as I thought thats where it came from anyway - however I will try it & see what happens.

  BriR 15:37 16 Sep 2003

Tried to d/load from MS downloads as suggested above and although if failed, at least i got an error mssge <setup could not verify integrity of the Update.inf. Make sure the cryptographic service is running on this computer>

So, because i had seen a thread on PCA with exactly the same problem, i followed their solution: quote < Suggestion 1 ========== This can occur if the hotfix installer was referencing: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot2\edb.log and the file was corrupt. Either renaming C: \WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot2\edb.log or renaming the entire C:\WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot2 folder will allow the hotfix install to complete normally. I Just renamed the folder.> unquote

So I did the same and changed the folder name to CatRoot2A and d/loaded patch but again i got the same error mssge when it tried to install. Also, i noticed, Ive now got a CatRoot2 folder AND a CatRoot2A folder. Was the abovementioned word- ENTIRE- significant

  BriR 16:46 16 Sep 2003

Hi Jester, assume your mean <START> - <HELP & SUPPORT CENTRE> then in 'pick a task' <TOOLS> but that is not where updates are, they are in 'pick a task' <WINDOWS UPDATE> ... is that what u mean? cos if it is then ive already tried that thanks

  BriR 00:31 18 Sep 2003

I have not yet ticked this as resolved because although the answer may lie at I'm still trying the various 'solutions' but haven't actually found a cure yet so i still cant get the patch to install. I'm desperately trying not to use the reload CD as i'll lose everything else, but i am at college all day tomorrow so cant do anything else now until Friday. So Thanks again - for now!

  BriR 14:45 19 Sep 2003

Visited again today and establised the cryptographic service on my machine is not running. When I follow instructions to repair, I get message "could not start crypto service on local computer error 193:ocx1"
Two things are confusing me:

(I) The updatexp site then says "If you cannot start the Cryptographic Service the likely cause is that the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is not running. To check this go to the "Services" window (In Control Panel) and right click the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service. If the status shows it is not running then it has been disabled!" But when I look at my service status it shows "Started" which makes me wonder if it is disabled? - Could someone help by looking at their system to see what their status says please? (I'm on XP Home)

(II) The advice goes on: "Since the Cryptographic Service is a dependency of the RPC, we MUST get this running. Sadly you will not be able to do this from the "Services" Window... You will see its "greyed out" so follow these instructions... You will need to use your XP CD to boot the computer into the Recovery Console....."
trouble is I dont have the XP CD. I only have the Reload CD from Time. Does this effectively mean I have no 'Recovery Console' and therefore no option but to use Reload (and lose everything back to out of the box condition!)

<<<sits, eyes screwed open, gaping at screen, totally frustrated, totally P'd off, at point of welling up, awaiting some kindly help>>>

  BriR 17:23 19 Sep 2003

To look in the services window:

<Control Panel> - <Administrative Tools> - <Services> and scroll down to 'Remote Procedure'... right click and look in 'properties' it set to 'Startup type' - Automatic and 'Service Status' - Started ?

  BriR 15:56 20 Sep 2003

well as I've had no further replies, not much option than to use the reload CD and lose everything else. I will be a good boy and tick the resolved box... EVEN THOUGH IT ISNT

  BriR 15:58 20 Sep 2003


  BriR 00:20 21 Sep 2003

Thanks M8 - thats exactly what I needed to know because that confirms that RPC is not the problem and I dont need to go down that route.

Basically what is happening now is I can download the patch but every time I try to install it i get a message "setup could not verify integrity of the Update.inf. Make sure the cryptographic service is running on this computer"

But when i try to start the crypto service i get an error message "Could not start cryptographic service on local computer. Error 193:ocx1"

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