[email protected] 19:17 28 Jun 2007

I have purchased a couple of new HDD's. They have arrived marked PATA. Are these your ordinary drives or are there ATA, PATA and SATA?
Why do I ask?
I have a PC with 1 HDD fitted. I want to add another (new) and copy the data from the old HDD to it. The new HDD is not formatted yet.
I have fitted and connected the new additional HDD but the PC fails to boot.
Is it necessary at this stage to set the new HDD to Slave?
The PC goes into a sort of "check" mode, resting on "Analysing Media Network type: RPL-ROM-FFC" with an ascending number which gets to about 49 then I get a message "Computer failed to boot, insert boot floppy"?
Help :-(

  Eric10 19:34 28 Jun 2007

PATA = Parallel ATA
SATA = Serial ATA

If the new drive is connected to the same ribbon cable as the original one then they either have to both be jumpered as CS (Cable select) using an 80 way cable with the boot drive at the end of the cable and the new drive connected to the middle connector or the original drive should be jumpered as Master and the new drive jumpered as Slave.

  [email protected] 19:41 28 Jun 2007

Cheers Eric10 ( least it's the right HDD's :-)
So I set the new to Slave and put in on the end of the ribbon?

  Eric10 19:49 28 Jun 2007

No, that isn't what I said.
If it is an 80 way cable then the Master (boot drive) goes at the end of the cable (usually a black connector) and the Slave goes to the middle (usually a grey connector).
If it's one of the older 40 way cables then, so long as the drives are jumpered as Master and Slave, it doesn't matter which connector you use for which drive.

  [email protected] 19:52 28 Jun 2007

OK, thanks for that. It is the older ribbon and as I look behind me it's booting up as it should.
Thanks VM for your help :-)

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