Past/present in Office

  duplo 19:05 27 Jan 2003

Does office XP have a function that changes the tense of the written text,
i.e. Make past tense into common tense etc?

  BRYNIT 20:40 27 Jan 2003

Not that I can see but if you go into tools, options and look through you might find something I may have missed.

  duplo 23:50 27 Jan 2003

Took a look myself.... thought I may have missed somthing! Cheers!

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:23 28 Jan 2003

You are asking it to do something very complicated. There are words that affect how the ones either side of them are spelt when the tense changes.

There is nothing to stop you writing a find/replace makro for every word you are every likely to use. Somehow I doubt it would be worthwhile!

  €dstow 08:39 28 Jan 2003

How long before Office writes it all for you?

Save energy - cut out the human contact.

(Only a weak attempt at humour)


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