Passwords wont remember login, here or other sites.

  Ex plorer 10:46 09 Mar 2013

Hi Firefox will not remember my logging to this site all be it I only have to type my first initial for my email address and it fills in the rest when I click to infill my email.

The same applies to my bank IB account number, eBay, and many other shopping sites this happened about a month ago any ideas how to over come this.

I have dozen passwords not just one common one for sites and its getting frustrating.

Or may it be a windows glitch.

OS Vista, FF version 19.0.2 (release update Chanel?.)

  Ex plorer 10:55 09 Mar 2013

One other thing my Google search settings wont save after reboot.

  Woolwell 10:56 09 Mar 2013

Have you cleared cookies or are clearing cookies ass you close your browser?

  Devil Fish 21:06 09 Mar 2013

check you are not using private browsing feature in firefox as this clears all your browsing history and cookies upon closing the browser

look top left of browser is the drop down purple if so then you are in private browsing mode just click on it 2nd tab down stop private browsing to stop this process drop down should return to orange

  Ex plorer 12:08 10 Mar 2013

Oh boy, in privacy it was set (Never Remember History) set it to Remember History, cookies are fine and not set to delete on shut down.

What a clown I can be at times.

Thanks for your help.

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