Passwords on Win2k

  Amalric I 10:50 27 Sep 2003

I keep my computer in a locked room and I do not want any kind of software lockout to keep me from booting up. I tried to set up this way by offering a null password for both Administrator and User.

On booting up Win2k still stops and asks for a password, most of the time for my username, and I have to hit return to go on.

1)How can I eliminate this?

About half the times it plugs in "Administrator" and asks for his password. I then I have to replace "Administrator" with my user name and then hit return.

2) How can I eliminate this?

Lately, it will not boot even if I do as above and I must reboot a few times to get through, wasting my time and making me very nervous. Can anyone help before it decides to lock me out permanently?

  MichelleC 11:01 27 Sep 2003

Have a look round Admin Tools/local security Policy and change to disabled (I think).

Might be worth running error check (which it'll do on reboot), and cmd on command prompt.

  krypt1c 11:22 27 Sep 2003

Go into settings > control panel > users and passwords. It should open defaulted to users. You should see a list of users. There's an option users must enter a user name and password to use this computer that is probably ticked. Try unticking this, then reboot.

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