passwords use is driving me mad.

  KEITH 1955 15:33 14 Jul 2018

Since privacy laws were changed you will only be too aware that every website you go on bombards you with massive banners about t's and c's for using their site. This also seems to have filtered through to passwords.

In the past few weeks I have got blocked out of games such as diablo 3 and gta5 simply because I had them set to auto log in , they reset everything every so often so obviously I need my password but what was it. I then have to go through proving who I am to change passwords. Every time I go onto my Microsoft account I get told my password is wrong.. These 3 particular things have a gmail address but I removed it from my pc account because it got spammed and I was get up to 50 porn related emails a day so to prove who I am I have to put my tablet on and use the spammed email address to give the correct answers.

Their are lots of forums and shopping sites that I use with passwords , the problem is if you cant remember your passwords you get say 3 attempts or 5 minutes before your locked out because the system thinks you could be trying to hack.

Over the past few days I have gone on everything I use that needs a password and wrote them down , lets face it if I get broke into , loosing a list of passwords will be the least of my worries.

Even though I have got all passwords wrote down some places still say I am using the wrong one.

I have never used a password manager and don't really understand how they work but , if a password wrote down is rejected how can a piece of software help me.

Finally , my gaming interests vary depending on if I want a few quickies or a marathon battle. I have to exit a game called tanki x using alt f4 because every time I try to log in I get told I got the wrong password , I then have to email Russia for a temporary one and at the same time I have to give enough proof of who I am to get it.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:55 14 Jul 2018

I use Opera and it's own password manager and have been able to just carry on accessing password protected sites as usual.

  Forum Editor 16:07 14 Jul 2018

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  Forum Editor 16:14 14 Jul 2018

You may have written your passwords down, but mistakes occur, and a paper list is vulnerable. Use a password manager - easy and reliable. There are hundreds of them, but a couple of good ones are:-

KeePass I have used it, and it worked perfectly.I ran it on a USB memory stick, so I could take it wherever I went, and use it on all my machines.


  Forum Editor 16:17 14 Jul 2018

Old Deuteronomy

Any browser-based password manager is, by its very nature going to be vulnerable.

  AroundAgain 22:39 14 Jul 2018

Yes, I would also recommend KeePass as a Password Manager. It's straight forward to use and you can have it on a memory stick to take with you, if you wish to.

If you do use it on another computer, ie where others can use, remember to clear the memory when you finish otherwise all your data will be readily accessible. Other than that, it's brilliant.

  Pine Man 08:22 15 Jul 2018

I use Enpass across all of my Apple & Windows devices seamlessly. It can be linked to any browser or used as a standalone manager. Free on all computers.

  BT 09:07 15 Jul 2018

these privacy laws are a big headache

I think its already going the way of H&S and becoming a 'Catchall' reason to dodge responsiblities.. A local Supermarket had problems with youngsters from a nearby school causing problems in the store but refused to share the CCTV with the school because of the new 'Privacy' rules. Consequently the school was not able to address the problem.

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