Passwords and Secure Login

  johndrew 11:53 16 Aug 2008

I recently downloaded the Firefox Secure Login Add-on click here and am now having problems getting Firefox to remember password details for the PayPal site.

I have followed the link for the Secure Login documentation click here and read the details for overcoming the problem click here under, "Why doesn't Firefox Password Manager ask me to save passwords for some websites?". I have down loaded the `Bookmarklet` and followed the instructions but it simply directs me to click here: rather than doing as the words say.

Please can someone advise if it is the PayPal site that prevents saving of passwords by Firefox (or any other browser perhaps) or if I am somehow doing something wrong or possibly is Firefox broken?.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 16:07 16 Aug 2008


  T0SH 17:58 16 Aug 2008

Pay Pal is a secure log on site, so it would make no sense for it to allow autocomplete to store paswords in plain text would it ?

Cheers HC

  rawprawn 18:14 16 Aug 2008

If you want a secure password/login manager get
Roboform. I have used it for years, and it is an excellent program.It works with both IE and Firefox.
click here

  johndrew 19:50 16 Aug 2008

Thanks for coming back people.

I use other `secure` sites with Firefox Password Manager and there is no problem. However, the situation doesn`t really surprise me as I feel certain that PayPal will know of the ways used to get around their security in this respect.

I guess I shall simply need to try and actually remember my password for this one even though this is the first time I`ve ever used it.

Thanks again.

  johndrew 10:27 18 Aug 2008


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