casper69 09:08 19 May 2010

Hi all

i sold my laptop to a friend which was 6 months ago (hp dv 2535ea) they gave it back to me a month a go because of the screen was not displaying anything even when everything was working (there is a known problem with this and its the graphics card) so i left it and now strangley its working but my friend cant remember the password is there anyway i can by pass it i have found

click here

but is this a safe option?


  birdface 09:15 19 May 2010

Try safe mode [Keep tapping f8 as the computer starts.]And see if it will let you sign in as administrator.It may ask for a password just leave it blank and click enter.
See if that works.

  casper69 09:30 19 May 2010

cheers buteman

i'll give it a try tonight

  birdface 09:39 19 May 2010

Not sure if removing the battery on the motherboard and then replacing it would help or not.
Better waiting until someone else can confirm or not.
I know you can do it by some of the methods in your click here and I am sure someone will be able to give you other websites where it can be downloaded from.
Just a matter of waiting for some of the others to reply with the details.

  Devil Fish 12:22 19 May 2010

removing the battery will not help in the case of a windows password

try butemans suggestion first

if that fails google is your friend

do be aware though resetting windows passwords may lead to data loss

  gengiscant 13:23 19 May 2010

One here
or this
click here
software from here
click here

  casper69 07:19 22 May 2010

hey all

thanks for the replies. when i got home to test, the display didn't work again and has gone back to only the back-light on and no display, i tried to see if i could get into safe mode with the display out but no luck.

As the display wasn't working and then did work perfectly for a day and now its back to no display,
could anyone advise me if they think the graphics card has gone or if it may just be something else?

i.e. heat problem, update, virus


  birdface 09:05 22 May 2010

Hook it up to an another monitor and if it works on that it is probably the graphics driver needing updating.

  birdface 09:42 22 May 2010

Sorry ignore last obviously if it works on another monitor there is no need for updates.
It would be a fault with the laptop.

  casper69 21:15 22 May 2010

yeah external monitor doesnt work, so im guessing dead graphics card. Would there be any reason the display would work that one time

  chub_tor 21:22 22 May 2010

After connecting up the external monitor did you use the Fn + another F key eg F5/F8 key to make it active? You might check the handbook to find out which F key to use.

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