Passwording Folders or Drive

  Johny C 06:12 09 Jul 2004

Hi All

I have two hard drives, on emain one for everybody and i have another drive for work. Now i dont want my kids to see my paperwork on my 2nd drive. Is there any way i could password the drive or just my work folder, dont know if this is possible.

Many thanks john

  Johny C 10:50 09 Jul 2004


  TomJerry 11:08 09 Jul 2004

(1) Steganos Safe 6 or other Steganos products

click here

This is a advanced way.

(2) If you use WinXP, you maybe able to do it by setting up folder/driver sharing policy or encrypt directories, right click on folder you want to product, you can do Encryption.

But, BE CAREFUL, do not lose Encryption Key (it is a file, not just a password) with any Encryption method, better to make multiple copies. Otherwise, you cannot access your files.

CAUTION: It will be very difficult to do any recovery if you PC failed.

(3) Get an external hard driver enclosure with usb connection, put your second drive in it and keep it with you, so connect it to you PC when you need to do work.

(4) My favour method for dealing with kids. Setup PC with dual boot, both can be same OS such as WinXP, One for kids and one for you, possword protected when boot up. Basically, both OSs hidden from each other. So when they get into their system, they do not see your part and when you get into your OS, you do not see their part. You can have third part coomon to you.

How to do it? Use Partition Magic to prepare HDD (some parition can be hidden) and install the second OS. You just need to clone the working OS to another Primary partition and use Bootmagic to manage which to get into when system boot. Both program come together as a package called Partition Magic which can be bought from Amazon.

EXTRA caution: Backup everything before you use Partition Magic. I used many years of partition magic, never had any problem. But you never know when will happen. Especially if you are not familar with the product.

  Johny C 17:48 09 Jul 2004

Thanks for the link i will have a look at that later

Ive noticed that if you right click on a folder and go to properties then click on the Sharing Tab then there is an option to make this folder private, but there is no where to enter a password or anything.

Does anyone know if a password can be added to the make folder private.

Many thanks John

  TomJerry 21:49 09 Jul 2004

Because the password for your account is the password for the directory when you make it private. Only you can access this folder.

I maybe wrong, but this is no use if your kids' accounts are Administrator account. You can test it out.

By the way, it is not possible to make your kids account limit user because kids alway install programs and they will fight with you if they find they cannot. Also it is very easy for them to get around this if they talk to other kids about this problem. I know my kids can do this, this is why I set up two OS on the same machine. They do not mess with mine and I do not mess with their.

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