Password for a website?

  pj123 10:58 13 Nov 2003

At the moment I have a web site which is open access to anyone. There is nothing on it yet but I would like to use it to put a "family album" up on it for personal access only. Is there a way I can put a password or some other restriction so that only people I allow can actually see it? Thanks.

  Forum Editor 18:16 13 Nov 2003

on a Windows server you can ask your hosting company to set up user authentication. You can't do this yourself, the host must set up each user separately.

If however you have the site on a Unix server you can set up user authentication using the .htaccess method, but you'll need to check with your host that you have Perl installed on the server.

Alternatively - and this is probably the best way for controlling access to a family album - you can use a Java/Flash password utility. There's a very good one called CoffeeCup Password wizard. CoffeeCup software is famous for its quality/reliability, and the password wizard is no exception - easy to use, and works perfectly. It'll cost you around $25 but it's worth every penny (or cent).

click here for more details.

  powertool 20:32 13 Nov 2003

On my brother's website which I look after, I have a password system which is just done with javascript. Rather than use a password it uses a PIN number. You can't decode the PIN by reading the script. It is rather a lot to post here - but if you would like me to send you the information drop me a line and I will be happy to do so.


  pj123 15:46 14 Nov 2003

Thank you FE, just rung my host and they say I have to use htaccess so I suppose it is on a Unix server? They didn't mention anything about Perl so I will ring them again. Will also try the Coffeecup method.

powertool, thanks for your offer as well, I will take you up on it and try both solutions.

  pj123 16:36 14 Nov 2003

More feedback. My host has advised that the website is, in fact, on a windows server. They have now given me an Id and password for the site. So anyone I want to give permission to view it only needs the ID and Password. Thanks for all the help.

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