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  Stevie07 19:35 01 Jun 2005

Hi, been using a great utility that came with McAfee internet suite 6 which allows you to store user ID's and passwords. When you have to complete a sign in page (a you do for access to PCadvisor) it allows you to drag and drop encrypted user ID and passwords.

Problem is I've just upgraded to internet suite V7 and its gone, don't know why they ditched it, but great little time saver.

Does anyone know of a similar utility that would fit the bill? Thanks in advance.

  Belatucadrus 19:55 01 Jun 2005
  Stevie07 20:06 01 Jun 2005

Thanks Belatucadrus, but I use Password safe for this type of encryption password protection.

The utility that I am after actually sits as part of Internet Explorer and after it has been configured each time you go to the site requiring authorisation it allows you to drag a synbol into the areas requiring user ID & password, it then completes the areas automatically.

  Belatucadrus 20:43 01 Jun 2005

click here you could try MSN search toolbar, it includes an 'Automatic form fill' personally I don't like it as it made my system unstable, but nobody else I know of has had any problems with it.
click here Google Toolbar is another option.

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