Password reset problem on bt yahoo.

  tnelis 10:07 13 Sep 2014

I'm having a lot of trouble with bt yahoo email. [email protected] At least once a day they insist I reset my password. I call them to complain. They dick around with "change your security question" and such, but I end up with the same problem. Anyone got a solution? It's vital that I keep my present email address, so changing that is not an option. Thanks.

  SparkyJack 11:21 13 Sep 2014

I assume you are trying to resolve the issue by logging onto BT website then mybt/mail top right bar.

Try this Google to '' when the page opens to yahoo home,scroll down looking left side for 'Mail' the log on panel will appear right side of screen go from the. The change password option is there if you need it.

To use this a non yahoo addy is preferable (gmail?)to do the change,which can be he original.

  Jollyjohn 11:55 13 Sep 2014

I have dealt with this issue for a few of my customers and the bad news is I have not found a definitive solution. The good news is that the issue resolves itself, eventually. Part of the problem is that BT have parted company with Yahoo and have set up their own mail servers and in the migration process some accounts are getting corrupted.

Use this link click here to reset your password. You can use the same password as your old one. This avoids having to keep changing it on your eMail client. Note the next page asks for a pin number which will be sent to your mobile - so first go to the BT page, log in and check your profile and mobile number.

Pop in the pin number and the reset is instant.

Note if you get asked to create a BT id - you can just use your eMail address, use the same password. Good luck

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